Maddy Wilson

Maddy Wilson

Maddy is a content creator for SAP Analytics Cloud. She has a passion for everything digital and enjoys finding creative ways to simplify complex concepts. When she’s not behind her computer you’ll find her enjoying live music, watching a play, or paddling with her dragon boat team.

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5 Time-saving tips for SAP Analytics Cloud

Tip 1: Drag & drop data

Save yourself a couple of clicks when uploading a local data set (.xls or.csv) to SAP Analytics Cloud. Skip the menu and simply drag & drop the dataset that you want to explore on the home screen.

When you drop the file on I’m Feeling Lucky the data set will open in story mode. Drop the file on on Prepare Model to open the data set with the Modeler.

SAP Business Objects Cloud drag & drop home screen function


Tip 2: Quick-start a story

If you have data that you want to explore, but you’re not sure where to begin, BusinessObjects Cloud can help you get started. Once you’ve imported your data into a story, or selected a model to work with, go to the canvas and select Build my story for me. This feature populates a page of your story with charts and graphs based on the dimensions and measure that you select.

SAP Analytics Cloud build my story for me


Tip 3: Use shortcuts

Bread & jam, eggs & bacon – they go together almost as well as copy & paste. For a quick way to move tiles from one page to another in your story, look no further than your favorite shortcut.

To copy a tile, you can either select copy Copy and Paste from the toolbar, or from the side menu of your tile, and click copy. Or, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C to copy a selected tile. Next, paste on the destination page either by clicking paste in a toolbar or by using the CTRL+V keyboard shortcut.



Tip 4: Filter results

SAP Analytics Cloud has a number of filtering options to allow you to isolate parts of your data by a dimension or time. You can apply a filter to an entire story or filter a single page.

When would you use this? Say you have a page in your story dedicated to a measure, such as profits, and you want to see the impact that a certain dimension, say locations, have had on them. You can set up a page filter to allow you to select the locations you’d like to influence your data.

Learn how to apply a story or page filter.


Tip 5: Pin to home

The next time your boss asks you for today’s numbers, don’t get frazzled, just go home – to your home screen on SAP Analytics Cloud that is.

Your home screen is where you can pin tiles from your stories that hold key metrics for your business. You can customize your home screen by pinning as many tiles as you want there. Change the orientation of the tiles by resizing them or by dragging and dropping to rearrange them.

Home Screen Tiles


BONUS Tip: Don’t forget to save

SAP Analytics Cloud does not have an auto-save feature. This is to make sure that your work is never over-written unless you want it to be. So, before you close your browser window(s) make sure to save your story, and save yourself from starting over.

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