SAP Analytics Cloud earns top rankings in BARC's The Planning Survey 19

BARC's The Planning Survey 19 is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of Planning end users, conducted from November 2018 to February 2019.

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100% of the surveyed users rate SAP Analytics Cloud's price-to-value as excellent, good, or satisfactory.*

*Compared to 96% for the average planning tool.

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What makes SAP Analytics Cloud a Market Leader in Planning?

The Planning Survey 19 is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning end users.

SAP Analytics Cloud achieved 31 top rankings and 28 leading positions in five different peer groups including Enterprise Software Vendors and Solution-focused Planning Products.

SAP Analytics Cloud is ranked higher than any other enterprise software vendor in 18 categories including business value, customer satisfaction, planning content, and ease of use.



“Great product with a robust product roadmap!”

- Consultant, media/publishing, >2,500 employees


Business Value

Many SAP Analytics Cloud customers benefit from the integration of BI, planning and predictive analytics in a single cloud-based solution.

SAP Analytics Cloud users report above average improved integration of strategic and operational planning, reduced resource requirements for planning, and reduced planning complexity. Overall, these benefits lead for many customers to reduced costs, saved headcount and an increased competitive advantage.

The level of implementation satisfaction and the frequency of projects completed on time and on budget are also high. SAP Analytics Cloud Projects are usually quite quick in comparison to many of its local and global competitors. In this year’s Planning Survey, SAP Analytics Cloud ranks top for ‘Business value’ in two of its peer groups

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Customer Satisfaction

Although SAP Analytics Cloud is a young product compared to most others evaluated in The Planning Survey, customer satisfaction is generally quite high. Particularly in the ‘Enterprise software vendors’ and ‘Global vendors’ peer groups, most customers confirm that they are satisfied with both the vendor and its planning product. Vendor support, implementation project support and price-to-value are all highly ranked.

SAP Analytics Cloud projects are either implemented by the vendor and its consulting team or by experienced SAP partners. As a result, many customers feel they can recommend using SAP Analytics Cloud as a planning and BI product. Customer satisfaction is especially crucial to establishing long-lasting relationships with customers and many seem to trust in SAP Analytics Cloud, confirming their belief in the future investment in – and improvement of – the product


Planning Content

Customers report satisfaction with SAP Analytics Cloud predefined planning content. Planning content covering various planning scenarios and industries is available from SAP itself, as well as partners, and can be directly activated in SAP Analytics Cloud’s user interface. Particularly in the early stages of projects, customers can benefit from predefined planning content which can help to speed up implementation. The predefined content not only covers planning topics but also BI and predictive analytics use cases.

Overall, SAP Analytics Cloud is a winner in two of its peer groups and achieves three leading ranks in this year’s Planning Survey.

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Ease of Use

SAP Analytics Cloud is an integrated solution for BI, planning and predictive analytics designed for business users. Its modern web interface and ease of use allows business users to perform planning and data acquisition, analyses and reporting, and even build data models without much IT support.

The level of complaints about ease of use post-implementation is quite low. The software is equipped with assistants and wizards to support user tasks. Moreover, SAP is increasingly using predictive functions to help users with suggestions, for example, for possible next best analysis steps. Features like these have convinced customers to roll out the solution for self-service scenarios in business departments. SAP Analytics Cloud ranks top for ‘Ease of use’ in the ‘Enterprise Software Vendors’ peer group.

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