Cynthia Lee

Cynthia Lee

Cynthia is a Digital Strategy Content Specialist, based in Vancouver. She is a creative communicator who loves highlighting the latest and greatest product features. Outside of the office, she loves storytelling, organizing events, and playing volleyball.

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Improve your planning experience with SAP Analytics Cloud. Bringing in augmented analytics, ability to collaborate, and increased analytics capacity linked to powerful visualizations for storytelling, SAP Analytics Cloud elevates the experience for existing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation customers. Read on to learn how you can become a more empowered planner with SAP Analytics Cloud and advocate for your business unit to make meaning and relay insights from your data.

How SAP Analytics Cloud Supports Your Business Unit Planning Initiatives

Increase Collaboration with Leadership

When it comes to planning across business units and departments, managers and teams have relied on updating and sharing spreadsheets to consolidate spending forecasts for alignment. Sending spreadsheets back and forth and losing version control are a thing of the past with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. SAP Analytics Cloud makes sharing and collaboration easy. With changes saved in the cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to pick up where you, your manager, or peer left off – you can use chat functionality, view comments and discuss data points, share reports with specified users, and make use of the collaborative capabilities from your desktop or mobile device. SAP Analytics Cloud offers a flexible and real-time experience for multiple users to view information, make real-time edits and simulations, view charts and visualizations.

Tell Your Compelling Story

Planners who use SAP BPC can use the application to have data wrangled, modeled, and prepared for extracting insights to share with leadership. Using SAP Analytics Cloud takes this data preparation to the next level by leveraging analytics AND visualizations, specialized to present you with insights to tell your business unit’s story. SAP Analytics Cloud for planning promises a more engaged experience for the planner and the planner’s audience through stories – interactive charts with ability to filter and drill-down for more detail in real-time and ability to simulate different regional scenarios. SAP Analytics Cloud empowers users to become better storytellers, using the augmented analytics features and smart insights to aid in exploring their own data discoveries.

Add Augmented Analytics to Your Team

SAP Analytics Cloud provides augmented analytics into your business unit planning experience to add meaning to your data that could have been missed in quick review. Instead of leaving it up to the reader of your planning spreadsheets to interpret the data, leaving room for human error, misunderstanding, or bias, SAP Analytics Cloud is on your side.

Planners using SAP Analytics Cloud are more empowered with the support of natural language query and search to insight functionality that instantly creates detailed charts and visualizations to answer department-specific questions. You are more equipped to advocate for your needs by using the Smart Insights feature, which provides you with more information, in natural language, of trends and observations. Looking for an instant snapshot of your forecasts and other planning data? Smart Discovery in SAP Analytics Cloud builds the story for you – highlighting key influencers and outliers and allowing you to conduct different simulations – essential in a time where having forward-looking information and preparing for what could be next is key.

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