Grégory Botticchio

Grégory Botticchio

Grégory Botticchio is part of the EMEA Product Management team, with a focus on the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence product. In this position, Grégory Botticchio is responsible for the business success of the Web Intelligence solution, as well as definition of the multi-year road map.

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SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 will deliver major innovations in three areas: Enterprise Readiness, User Experience and Hybrid.

In the following post, I will provide you an overview of the new interfaces included into SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3 and how this will improve your end experience.

Improved Productivity Through Enhanced User Experience

An important area of investment in BI 4.3 is the User Experience as we believe it’s a great enabler for business users to leverage the power of BusinessObjects BI.

And as many of our customers are using both SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud, we have consciously aligned look and fell for a consistent experience, so that users easily find their way when switching across solutions.

The New Fiori Launchpad

The new Fiori BI Launchpad will offer a modernized user experience with 100% functional parity and compatibility with existing contents and authorizations.

Modernized User Experience

The BI Launchpad has been completely redone in the SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3.

To achieve this, we have used some SAP Fiori design principles to build a new BI Fiori Launchpad. And as a consequence, the classic BI Launchpad is not going to be shipped with the BI4.3.

Advantages of the new BI Fiori Launchpad:

  • It will propose a modernized experience for all your users with simplify access to key contents;
  • It will be 100% compatible with all the existing contents and authorizations;
  • All the functionality stays the same than in the classic launchpad but inside a modern experience.

If you use the BI Launchpad extensively, we recommend you to sign off for the BI4.3 Standard Beta to do a test try of the new BI Fiori Launchpad, in order to have a feeling of what the new experience is and to identify any missing functionality.

Scheduling / Publication Enhancement

You’re going to see some enhancements in the area of Scheduling/Publication.

The first and main one is the user experience which is going to be changed completely for a better usability and easiness of usage.

Updated BI Workspace

The user experience will be as well updated in the BI4.3.

Many customers are primarily using it to customize the BI Launchpad Home page.

In BI4.3, the BI Workspace won’t have this capability anymore. End-users and IT will have to rely on the new BI4.3 Fiori Launchpad capabilities in term of customizations, if you want to achieve such a thing.

On the other hand, the only capability the BI Workspace will continue to have is the ability to create a dashboard based on multiple documents (compound Dashboard): we’re going to improve this area in the BI4.3.

A Modernized and Simplified Web Intelligence

For Web Intelligence, we have completely revisited the design experience and we will deliver a full HTML client, natively responsive and touch ready.

A Rejuvenated User Experience

Like for the BI Fiori Launchpad, the new Web Intelligence client will propose a modern user experience design principles.

To achieve this, Web Intelligence will use SAP Fiori design principles, to deliver a consumer-centric, role-based user experience for all functional areas, tasks, and devices.

This will allow us to deliver one identical client, with the same capabilities and workflows:

  • For the web: the WebI Web Client
  • And for the desktop: the WebI Rich Client (a new one in 64bits version, for MS Windows firstly)

Of course, this new WebI client will continue to behave like the WebI you are all using today: you will find the two modes, VIEWER vs DESIGNER., the tool will be fully on parity with the Web Intelligence 4.2 SP07 and the new WebI experience in BI4.3 will be consistent the Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer we delivered, as an option, starting BI4.2 SP04.

At this stage, note also that the new Web Intelligence client will be in HTML5, which brings additional advantages:

  • The WebI Java Applet will disappear in the BI4.3: you will not have to manage anymore the installation and update of the JAVA plugin (for the web and the desktop)
  • The new WebI is “Touch ready”: it will work on all modern devices with a touch screen such as the “MS Surface Pro” or the “Apple iPad” for instance
Main UI Improvements

In addition of the new user experience, we also take the opportunity to simplify the overall WebI workflows and interfaces.

And it starts with some drastic improvements:

  • A Light menu bar, in replacement of the double ribbon menu: to make accessible immediately all the non-contextual actions such as Save, un-do/re-do, add a table, etc;
  • New Formatting panels: this new panel will display only the formatting features possible in the context of your selection, and it can apply with immediate result all your contextual formatting actions;
  • New Build (Feeding) panel, for a “trial” experience when authoring and analyzing a report;
  • A new contextual Widget, for the quick actions on the blocks (tables and charts), in addition of the classic Right-Click.

Overall, the user interface enhancements unlock end-user autonomy, self-service reporting and dashboarding.

Take Aways

  • A new BI Fiori Launchpad is provided into the SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3: it offers a modernized user experience with 100% functionality and compatibility with existing content and authorizations.
  • A new modernized and simplified Web Intelligence client: we have completely revisited the reporting experience and we will deliver a full HTML client, for the web and the desktop, natively responsive and touch ready, for the readers and the designers.
  • The new user experience in SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3 proposes a great enabler for business users to leverage the power of BusinessObjects BI

More to Come

With the great innovations brought to our major enterprise reporting solution, we will write a new chapter of the BusinessObjects story, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

As announced at TechEd, BI 4.3 beta program will start in December. We’ll publish a series of article in the coming weeks to share all the details of the program, but you can right away contact us by emailing us at

Stay tuned.

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