Customer Success Stories

Hear from customers who are using SAP Analytics Cloud as part of their digital transformation.

Live Oak Bank

Smart, data-driven decision making

Live Oak Bank uses the latest technology to differentiate itself in the marketplace. See why they chose Analytics Cloud to help employees answer tough questions and make decisions in real time.

Abeam Consulting

Improving financial planning and forecasting

The continuous expansion into becoming a globally established consulting firm has led ABeam Consulting to find ways to improve its global visibility, financial planning, and forecasting. With SAP Analytics Cloud and Digital Boardroom they are able to evaluate the risks associated with global and regional consulting projects in real-time.

B. Braun

Digital transformation for healthcare services

B. Braun is one of the world´s leading providers of healthcare solutions, offering over 5,000 products as well as supplementary services to the healthcare sector. To take the step into the digital future and develop new, innovative services for its customers, the company turned to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Northern Gas Networks

Transforming Operations with SAP Digital Boardroom

Northern Gas Networks keeps 2.7 million homes and businesses in Northern England cooking with gas. To evolve its strong position in the market, the company has started an ambitious program to transform its operations with solutions from SAP including Analytics Cloud.

COOP Mineraloel

Making informed decisions across distribution channels

Learn how COOP Mineraloel AG is making informed decisions based on clear and transparent KPIs across the regions in real-time using SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP CHRO Stefan Ries

Steering the company with real-time insight

Watch how SAP executive Stefan Ries uses SAP Digital Boardroom and SAP Analytics Cloud to steer board areas by providing full visibility into all aspects of the business in real-time.

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