Joanne Koh-Stewart

Joanne Koh-Stewart

Joanne is part of the HANA & Analytics Product Strategy team supporting integration of HANA Cloud Services capabilities throughout the SAP & Partner Ecosystem. Joanne is responsible for driving the Product and GTM Strategy for our Experience Management and HR integration with HANA and Analytics. Her goal is to align and promote the Intelligent Enterprise and HANA Cloud Services message and strategy.

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As we wind down from two exciting weeks of TechEd Las Vegas and TechEd Barcelona, I want to share again a few highlights of what SAP Analytics Cloud has to offer for HR Line of Business customers.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

Organizations have made vast improvements in collecting and managing their data, including HR and People data. However the majority of this data is located in silos, making it almost impossible to provide the holistic view of how your organization has been doing, and what kind of actions it should take in the future.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a cloud solution connecting your people, data, and ideas from multiple sources to enable fast and confident decision making. It allows users to discover, visualize, plan, and predict, all in one place.

SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded edition for SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics

Juergen Muller, SAP CTO,  announced the Business Technology Platform that unites HANA, Analytics, SCP and business services to enhance the Intelligent Enterprise. One of the key pillars of that strategy is to embed SAP Analytics Cloud into the LoB solutions, and SAP Analytics Cloud will be embedded in SAP SuccessFactors. Available in Q4 of 2019, SAP Analytics Cloud will be the single tool for reporting for SAP SuccessFactors instead of five different reporting tools used currently in SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics Embedded edition. Utilizing live connectivity that eliminates the need for data replication while allowing role-based access, SAP SuccessFactors users will be able to analyze workforce related information and jump back into SAP SuccessFactors applications. Users can also create or customize reports using all SAP SuccessFactors data sources without having to replicate data. This will provide tremendous value to all SAP SucessFactors customers as your HR data will be accessible across SAP SuccessFactors solutions with no additional licenses, limited to the data in SuccessFactors.

To learn more about SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded Edition for different SAP LOB solutions, check out the following blogs:

SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise to enhance SuccessFactors

SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise provides one single place to discover, visualize, plan, and predict. Unlike the People Analytics Edition which is limited to the data in SuccessFactors, SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise allows 360 view of the business with a wide range of integrated sources.

SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise allows your organization to people at the heart of Intelligent Enterprise transformation, by blending and analyzing data from across HR, finance, employee experience, and many other sources of data – breaking down silos and make proactive and confident decisions.

HANA Cloud Services

During SuccessConnect and TechEd, the running theme has been the technologies of the Intelligent Enterprise. SAP is evolving the Digital Platform into a Business Technology Platform, ensuring out-of-the-box integration, modularity, ease of extension, and consistent experience across business processes in an Intelligent Enterprise. SAP Analytics Cloud completes the Analytics piece of this Business Technology Platform, and is also an integral part of SAP HANA Cloud Services.

SAP HANA Cloud Services provides Enterprise Capabilities that increase business value, by being a single gateway to all your trusted data and analytics. It includes:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud as the Analytics technology where it provides BI, Planning, and Predictive Analytics in a single solution,
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as the end-to-end data platform in the cloud that blends, enriches, governs, and provides a semantic layer for your data, and
  • SAP HANA Cloud that  manages your data storage, federation, and runs powerful applications with the power of SAP HANA in the cloud with General Availability at the end of this year

SAP’s HANA Cloud Services strategy is to connect all elements of data processing into one seamless experience, and providing the value of data-driven Intelligent Enterprise.

To learn more about the material benefits that HANA Cloud Services can provide your organization,  visit the SAP HANA Cloud Services web site.  You can also try out both SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud today for 30-days. To begin the journey of realizing those benefits, please contact your SAP or partner representative.

SAP Analytics Cloud earns a top ranking from BARC

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