Brittany Kilpatrick

Brittany Kilpatrick

Brittany is a Technical Writer for Digital Learning at SAP Canada. She has a passion for creative problem solving, especially when it relates to curating innovative stories and campaigns through many different mediums. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys painting, rock-climbing, and eating delicious food!

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Become an Intelligent Enterprise with Predictive Planning 

From consolidating multiple spreadsheets to analyzing key trendslengthy expense reporting cycles in financial planning and analysis have become the norm. With various moving parts, how can financial planners efficiently uncover trends and deliver meaningful insights without spending countless hours on consolidating and generating plans 

To accurately generate your expense and cost plans, you need access to reliable, updated information on-the-fly. SAP Analytics Cloud is an end-to-end enterprise planning solution combining business intelligence, augmented analytics, and collaborative tools. This helps everyone to work together and make faster, confident data-driven decisions. Harnessing the power of predictive analytics and machine learning, your organization can accelerate planning cycles using automated time-series forecasting. Now, you can focus your expertise ogenerating strategic insights to make meaningful data-driven decisions, faster. 

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How does SAP Analytics Cloud Solve your Biggest Challenges? 

Discover, Analyze, Plan, and Predict in one Place 

Let all departments in on the plan and consolidate financial strategy in one unified solution. SAP Analytics Cloud combines Business Intelligence, planning, predictive, and augmented analytics capabilities into one simple cloud environment. This allows you to consolidate your expense and revenue reporting with a single source of truth across your whole organization.  

Accelerate Planning Cycles with Predictive Analytics 

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually building your expense forecasts. SAP Analytics Cloud contains out-of-the-box machine learning and predictive analytics technologywhich your organization can leverage to build more accurate expense and cost plans—faster. Using predictive features, your organization can automate the generation of baseline expense planning forecasts based on historical dataThen, continuously monitor plan attainment with real-time, up-to-date predictive forecastsEasy-to-understand accuracy indicators enable business analysts with no data science background to trust the data-driven forecasts before including them directly into their planning process. 

Uncover Intelligent Insights  

Augmented analytics is the window into an intelligent enterprise, providing the foundation for insightful action to deliver value across the business. SAP Analytics Cloud enables this with machine learning and augmented analytics features. Leverage these features to explore your data and automatically uncover trends, cycles, and detect possible outliers that will help you effectively build out your expense and cost plansThen, turn these intelligent insights into an actionable plan by using a personal sandbox environment, visualizing your performance metrics, and simulating potential budget outcomes. 

Align Plans across the Enterprise  

When working with multiple teams and stakeholderssiloed financial and operational planning is far too commonSmart decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum, which is why SAP Analytics Cloud was built with collaboration in mind. SAP Analytics Cloud contains a variety of collaborative enterprise planning tools designed to link and align your expense and cost plans across departments —finance, HR, sales, marketing, IT, and supply chain— in real-time. Gone are the days of back and forth emails, attaching out of date plans, and collaborating without context. With SAP Analytics Cloud’s, you can create and assign tasks with the calendar, communicate with your colleagues in real-time with the discussion panel, and collaborate directly in your plans with the data point commenting tool. 

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More Features 

Modeling Made Easy 

Prepare Efficiently 

Build a model right where your data is stored. With SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, data modeling is made easy. Immediately take action and start planning with this end-to-end solution. 

Augment, Create, and Transform 

Act in the moment  

SAP Analytics Cloud’s machine learning technology augments the analytics process, helping you go from insight to action in a fraction of the time. Automated technology enables you to avoid agenda-driven and biased decisionmaking by revealing the story of what drives your business.  

  • Search to Insight: Natural language query instantly generates visualizations to answer your questions. Machine learning technology helps you to reveal important trends with the click of a button. 
  • Smart Insights: Understand the top contributors of specific data points without having to manually pivot or slice and dice your data. Machine learning technology saves you time so you can focus on more high-value activities. 
  • Smart Discovery: Identify key influencers and relationships in your data to discover how business factors influence performance. Automatically detect anomalies so you can take corrective action. Now, anyone can simulate the impact of strategic business decisions with machine learning projection.

Access Free End-to-end Industry Dashboards 

Accelerate go-live 

Explore our business content packages as a starting point for your individual analytic scenarios. The Analytics Content Network contains a free, business content library providing beautifully crafted dashboards, stories, and data models of various end-to-end business scenarios for specific lines of business. Tailored to work with existing SAP data sources such as SAP S/4HANA or SAP C/4HANA, the Analytics Content Network can help you accelerate go-live, build on best practices, and leverage your existing data. 

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