Emily Jardine

Emily Jardine

Emily is a User Assistance Developer for SAP Analytics Cloud, based in Vancouver. Since joining SAP in 2011, she’s written documentation for a range of BI applications, and now works with development teams and UX designers to provide help content and copywriting support for the planning area.

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For business users, getting insightful answers from the data on short notice is critical. Sometimes you don’t have time to get familiar with the model structure and analytics features that you need to create a polished dashboard – you just need to deliver results fast.

Follow along in the video as Sofiya Muzychko from the Product Management team shows how Search to Insight can help.

Because you can ask questions in natural language, conversational analytics lowers the barriers between you and your data and makes it easier to get valuable answers.

To learn more about how it works, check out the video tutorial and see a list of supported keywords in the SAP Analytics Cloud Help.

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