Cynthia Lee

Cynthia Lee

Cynthia is a Digital Strategy Content Specialist, based in Vancouver. She is a creative communicator who loves highlighting the latest and greatest product features. Outside of the office, she loves storytelling, organizing events, and playing volleyball.

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Now more than ever, planning for your organization’s people needs is critical. Forecasting how many people you need to have onboard to achieve your outcomes and create a powerful, engaged workforce is easy with SAP Analytics Cloud. Seamlessly integrate applications such as SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) to import your data models and take advantage of predictive planning and storytelling capabilities found in SAP Analytics Cloud. Learn more about the SAP Analytics Cloud for planning and how to leverage the combined power of analytics and visualizations.

Headcount Planning Made Simple with SAP Analytics Cloud

Keep Your Applications in Sync

With an ever-changing business landscape, you need an efficient and flexible solution to support your headcount planning process. Integrations from SAP BPC and other data sources are easy with import connections. For example, if you are using SAP SuccessFactors, your direct connectivity to SAP Analytics Cloud will help you make use of HRIS data to make real-time decisions for growing your business. You can get input from SAP BPC, model your master data and import part of or an entire model into SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. Once your models are ready in SAP BPC, you can use augmented analytics to draw more in-depth insights, add line of business-specific templates, and get support from the built-in natural language query smart features in SAP Analytics Cloud. You can export data from SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP BPC, SAP BW, SAP IBP, and S/4 HANA – keeping what you plan in SAP Analytics Cloud in sync with the applications you already use in your day-to-day operations.

Integrate Predictive Planning

Planners can draw meaningful insights with the help of predictive planning capabilities when using SAP Analytics Cloud. Smart Predict, available only with SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, offers predictive forecasting within stories (visualizations and charts) or in predictive modelling scenarios. For headcount planning, you can use classification to explore key influencers for hiring or re-hiring needs, predict headcount trends, and report on the diversity of your workforce to leverage the power of your high-performing team. You can also make use of value driver trees to connect areas of your business and run comprehensive What-If scenarios to see the impact.

Visualize People Trends and Needs

SAP BPC empowers your business through corporate planning, and you can elevate your planning process when using SAP Analytics Cloud. The combined power of analytics and visualizations within SAP Analytics Cloud for planning enables you to draw additional insights from your headcount planning data to create interactive and engaging reports to share with the decision-makers within your organization. What’s more, you can make use of pre-built HR content in SAP Analytics Cloud and take inspiration from the end-to-end industry dashboards that are available to you with best practices for your data.

Present forecasting needs with confidence by visually expressing hiring needs, salary recommendations, and all the key inputs influencing your business. Within SAP Analytics Cloud, features such as Smart Discovery builds visualizations for you and Smart Insights provides you with more detail in natural language about what your data is telling you. More equipped with the powerful analytics and visualization features within SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, you can spend less time in the spreadsheet details and more time on what truly matters – understanding your people needs within your business.

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