Erik Bertram

Erik Bertram

Erik Bertram used to work as a UI Development Lead in the planning department of SAP Analytics Cloud. Today, Erik leads the Design Operations and Services team within HANA & Analytics.

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SAP Analytics Cloud achieved IBCS Certification in 2017, and now, in 2020, we have been re-certified!

The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) provides conceptual design guidelines for conveying business information in the most concise manner to enhance understanding.

We recognize that business leaders need clear and understandable information that’s in the proper context. Only then can they effectively analyze their data and make more-informed business decisions. Having a uniform set of rules for how to communicate business figures helps facilitate better analysis and understanding.

Best of all, the IBCS charting is seamlessly integrated into the product and available to all users, regardless of license type.

Focus on the Essentials — a Formula for SUCCESS

One of the most important roles of data visualizations is to make figures, relationships, and divergences easier to understand, especially when sharing or presenting that information. You want your audience to be able to quickly look at a chart or a table and sort out the information in a meaningful way so that they can act on it.

One of the challenges businesses face is communicating important business information, especially across business lines. Context is often lost when data is hidden or not shown in relation to other data. Without standards for displaying data visualizations, audiences may not be able to fully comprehend the information as effectively.

IBCS uses the SUCCESS formula, a leading method of business communication, to make business communication more effective. Business communication meets the IBCS® standards when it complies with the following seven rules:

  • Say — conveys a message
  • Unify — applies semantic notation
  • Condense — increases information density
  • Check — ensures visual integrity
  • Express — chooses proper visualization
  • Simplify — avoids clutter
  • Structure — organizes content

Whether you’re reporting or presenting, your charts and tables will be reduced to only the essentials so decision makers can gain a clearer understanding of the business.

What the IBCS Certification Means for SAP Analytics Cloud

The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) are practical proposals for the design of reports, presentations, and dashboards, as well as the charts and tables that they contain. Being IBCS certified means a lot to SAP Analytics Cloud, and we know that it is important to you, our customers, as well.

You’ve asked us for more IBCS integration, and we’ve listened. You appreciate having a uniform set of rules to help you create consistent and meaningful data visualizations. We continue to seamlessly integrate IBCS charting standards into SAP Analytics Cloud, and now we are also applying those standards to improve the visualization of data in tables.

For re-certification details, please visit the IBCS website .

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