Reena Sethy

Reena Sethy

Reena Sethy is Director of Product Management for Mobile Analytics at SAP. Reena has over 16 years of industry experience, primarily in the product management space. She enjoys working with customers and enabling them to adopt and use mobile in their Analytics journey.

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Mobile devices are more ubiquitous than before, users are always accessing on mobile first. In this blog, I would like to share more on SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile Application and how users can simply derive insights through a single tap at their finger-tips and hence take confident decisions in the context at the moment.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is ONE platform for all analytics use-cases be it Business Intelligence, Planning or Predictive. It is very SIMPLE to generate and share insights with other users from connecting to data sources in a very secured manner. It’s a SaaS offering on the CLOUD, so customers can take advantage of agility and scalability that comes with cloud solutions.

As an organisation, provide right information to the right person at the right time to make the right decision and Mobile devices play a very critical role in democratising Analytics to everyone in the organisation.

With SAC, users can either build stories from different visualisations by themselves, put those together to come up with insights from their data. Or they can have the tool create a story through automatic data discovery which could be a great starting point. The other way could be accessing the pre-shipped business content as part of SAC.

Any SAC story created with the responsive layout, can be accessed on the mobile devices without any additional steps. It’s design once and consume from anywhere.

However, since the screen sizes are very different, what looks best on desktop, may not best suited for the mobile whereas it could work the other way.

For instance, the in-line data labels fit nicely in the phones as opposed to next to it.

Hence design your stories with mobile access in mind. With the device preview in SAC, it helps to visualize how the same story could be seen in different form factors as shown below.

You could even adjust the styling being in the device preview, so that you can visualize the changes.

There are few features and capabilities which are not currently available on the mobile devices, one can be cognizant about those and not include in the story, so that users have the same consistent view in the web and mobile. However, this is an evolving area, so its good to go through this while designing.

With featured story options, Admin can highlight certain stories for their end users.  Users can have the default featured story opened with a single tap when they launch the application by selecting the specific featured story as the default one to open in the application settings as shown in the image below.

Few tips for responsive design in SAC can be found in the below blog.

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