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Cynthia Lee

Cynthia is a Digital Strategy Content Specialist, based in Vancouver. She is a creative communicator who loves highlighting the latest and greatest product features. Outside of the office, she loves storytelling, organizing events, and playing volleyball.

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Take advantage of the data wrangling enhancements coming to SAP Analytics Cloud in Q3 2020. Smart Wrangling is the brand-new data acquisition and wrangling experience built upon the foundation SAP Analytics Cloud’s existing capabilities. It is designed to help data analysts become self-sufficient in their search for relevant data and meaningful insights.

This new tool will become a favorite among data analysts in their endless pursuit of manipulating data in order to make faster and more confident decisions. By removing the constraints that previously came with data transformation, Smart Wrangling encourages a self-service experience that is all about the data, and encourages ad hoc data exploration, data visualization, intelligent augmentation, and business planning.

Data analysts can immerse themselves in the brand-new UI featuring a model overview panel that allows all modeling actions simply through drag-and-drop. The direct access to data means that there is no need to model data anymore. Users are not forced to create a Model or even required to know any planning jargon when using Datasets.

Key Features and Benefits

As a part of this new workflow, there are several features that will be made available to all users:

  • Data overview
  • Error handling
  • Smart datatype detection
  • Simplified modelling
  • New expression editor with intelligent code completion
  • Enhanced hierarchy builder
  • Live “What If Scenarios” in a table – Planned for Q4 2020

More details about future enhancements are soon to come! For more information about how to use the unique capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud, watch one of our Guided Playlists curated here.

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