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10:00am PST

What's New in SAP Analytics Cloud Q4 2019
Join our panel of SAP product experts as they take you through the most recent innovations in SAP Analytics Cloud. The session will complete with an extended Q&A session so our product experts can answer your questions.

10:00am PST

Overview of Latest Business Intelligence Features in SAP Analytics Cloud
In this webinar, our product expert will take you through the most recent innovations for Business Intelligence (BI) in SAP Analytics Cloud. We’ll do a live demo, answer your questions, and help you learn how to put our newest BI features to work for your business.

10:00am PST

Overview of Hybrid Scenarios of SAP Analytics Cloud and BPC
During this session, we would like to provide an overview about the so-called hybrid scenarios of SAC and BPC. In addition to this, we will explain the way from our on-prem based planning solutions BW-IP/PAK and BPC to our strategic cloud based solution SAC.

10:00am PST

What's new in SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office
Join us for this webinar and learn about new capabilities introduced in Analysis for Office 2.8. This session is complete with a demo and extended Q&A with Product Managers from SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning.

10:00am PST

Currency Conversion Creation and Application in SAP Analytics Cloud
You know what they say: more money, more problems! Luckily we’re here to help with this webinar on currency conversions in SAP Analytics Cloud. You’ll learn how to create currency conversions, apply them within your models, use the conversions in stories, and much more! With Christmas just around the corner, give yourself the gift of knowledge and sign up today!​​​​​​​


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•  Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office

•  SAP Analytics Cloud Security Concepts and Best Practice

•  Customer Story - Gorenje: Utilizing SAP Analytics Cloud for tracking Data Privacy

•  Getting Started with Data Preparation and Modeling Calculations

•  Analysis for Office & SAP Analytics Cloud: Integrated Excel frontend for Planning and Reporting

•  Introducing the New Analytics Designer Capability in SAP Analytics Cloud

•  Customer Story - IOM: Rollout of SAP Analytics Cloud for budgeting in 170 countries

•  SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud: Where to Do What?

•  #askSAP – Bridging the Information Gap

•  Adding SAP Analytics Cloud to On-Premise

•  Best Practices Using SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud Together

•  Lifecycle Management: SAP Analytics Cloud Concepts and Workflows

•  Implementing SAP Analytics Cloud in your Business, presented by SAP Partner: VantagePoint Solutionsts

•  Deep Dive: Setting Up Single Sign-On

•  Machine Learning in SAP Analytics Cloud


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