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10:00am PST

SAP Analytics Cloud Workshop: Data Discovery
Are you new to SAP Analytics Cloud? Do you like learning by doing? Join SAP Analytics Cloud Product Managers for an immersive, hands-on learning experience to learn the basics of SAP Analytics Cloud and get a comprehensive overview of the tool.

Each week, for 6 weeks, our Product Managers will guide you through different areas of SAP Analytics Cloud. You will have the opportunity to follow along on your own time and complete the exercises yourself, in SAP Analytics Cloud. After completing all 6 sessions, you will be left with an interactive, insightful and beautiful dashboard.

10:00am PST

What's New in SAP Analytics Cloud Q1 2020

Join our panel of SAP product experts as they take you through the most recent innovations in SAP Analytics Cloud. We’ll showcase exciting updates in 5 areas: Data Visualization, Data Integration, Planning, Administration and Infrastructure and Analytics Designer. The session will complete with an extended Q&A session so our product experts can answer your questions.

10:00am PST

Under the Hood: How SAP Analytics Cloud enables Driver Based Planning

In this session, we leave theory behind and show the real world design, development and usage process for building powerful Driver Based Planning models in SAP Analytics Cloud.

10:00am PST

¿Qué hay de nuevo? Descubre las mejoras de la primera actualización de 2020

Clic derecho y controles en tablas, conexión con Qualtrics y descripción de umbrales en tablas. En este webinario vamos a mostrar algunas de las nuevas funciones de la actualización trimestral de febrero 2020. ¡No te lo pierdas!


•  Currency Conversion Creation and Application in SAP Analytics Cloud

•  What's new in SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office

•  Overview of Hybrid Scenarios of SAP Analytics Cloud and BPC

•  Ask the Experts: Augmented Analytics, Smart Data Discovery, and True Self-Service BI

•  Ask the Experts: Answering Your Questions on SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer

•  Tailoring your Planning solution with Analytics Designer

•  #askSAP Analytics Innovations Community Call Moving Forward with SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and SAP Analytics Cloud

•  Analytics Designer in SAP Analytics Cloud: How to Create an Impactful Planning and Analytic Application

•  Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Office

•  SAP Analytics Cloud Security Concepts and Best Practice

•  Customer Story - Gorenje: Utilizing SAP Analytics Cloud for tracking Data Privacy

•  Getting Started with Data Preparation and Modeling Calculations

•  Analysis for Office & SAP Analytics Cloud: Integrated Excel frontend for Planning and Reporting

•  Introducing the New Analytics Designer Capability in SAP Analytics Cloud

•  Customer Story - IOM: Rollout of SAP Analytics Cloud for budgeting in 170 countries

•  SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud: Where to Do What?

•  #askSAP – Bridging the Information Gap

•  Adding SAP Analytics Cloud to On-Premise

•  Best Practices Using SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud Together

•  Lifecycle Management: SAP Analytics Cloud Concepts and Workflows

•  Implementing SAP Analytics Cloud in your Business, presented by SAP Partner: VantagePoint Solutionsts

•  Deep Dive: Setting Up Single Sign-On

•  Machine Learning in SAP Analytics Cloud


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