Model Migration to Files

Get ready for model migration to files

One of the big changes that will be coming to SAP Analytics Cloud in 2019 is the migration of models to the files area. Once the migration has taken place you will find your models in a new folder in files. This not only changes the location of your models but changes the way you’ll administer them going forward.

Check out the benefits and FAQs below for more information about the migration. For even more detailed information, download the Model Administration Scenarios document.


Benefits of Model Migration

Not only will the location of models change, but the migration to a file system allows more flexibility with
how you organize your content and share it with others.

Simplified navigation

Moving models to into files streamlines content management and makes it easier to navigate to what you need.

Easier to share

It’s easy to share the model file with teams or individual users without having to modify their role.

Fewer roles

Model privileges are no longer set and maintained within user roles, which means roles can be streamlined and simplified.

More flexibility in defining security

Now, it’s easier to see who has access to models and to make changes to individual and group access.


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