Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox

Andrew has a worked with SAP & Business Objects analytics technologies for over 20 years and he is a solutions adviser at SAP UK helping organisations transform data into actionable insight.

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We all use right click on a mouse or trackpad multiple times throughout the day to access a tailored list of choices related to the object we selected.

With release 2020.01 users can now activate a beautiful new context menu by right clicking on charts, tables, input controls and other widgets in Stories, Digital Boardroom and Analytic Applications.

Widget Actions

This new Context Menu will bring together all your important actions into one place, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Moreover, the actions will have text next to familiar icons so you can quickly and easily find your favourite feature or discover a brand new one! The existing floating more actions button will remain in the top right corner of the widget for those who prefer that workflow.

Datapoint Actions

We have also improved interaction with data points in widgets! Core datapoint actions such as filter, exclude, drill will remain available via left click and additional datapoint actions will surface via right click, where a text description of the action will again ease the discoverability of options. This has the added benefit of reducing the clutter of the left click menu, allowing for a more focused workflow.

With all these great benefits, make sure to remember the power of the Right Click Context Menu in release 2020.01! To learn more about Chart Context Menu Options, visit our help page here.

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