Preview New Releases with your Test Edition

 Update your Test Edition to preview upcoming features before they're released


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SAP Analytics Cloud Test Edition tenant subscribers can now try out new features by enabling Preview releases.

Preview releases are updated on your Test Edition tenant weeks in advance of general availability. This helps you to adapt to new product updates and prepare your team for what's coming.

Not sure which version you're on? You'll always be able to find the current generally available version of SAP Analytics Cloud listed here.

Please note:

  • Any features not listed in the help documentation are considered beta
  • This feature is not yet available for our partner test tenants
  • This feature is only applicable to private Test tenants for SAC, and not for public test tenants or productive tenants.”

How to Update Your Test Edition Tenant to the Preview Release:

  1.  You must have an existing SAP Analytics Cloud Test Edition subscription
  2.  Get your Customer Number and S-user ID ready
  3.  Create an incident in the SAP Support Launchpad with the following:

Language: Choose your preferred language

Priority: “Medium”

Subject: “[Preview Tenant Request]”

Support Launchpad Incident form

Description: “Please provision my Test Edition tenant with a Preview release of SAP Analytics Cloud."

My Customer number:  Insert your Customer Number

My S-user ID: Insert your S-user ID

My Test Edition tenant URL is: Insert your Test Edition URL

Component: “LOD-ANA-BI”

  1. Your request will be taken care of by the SAP Analytics Cloud Operations team
  2. You'll receive a notification (in the same system where you created the incident) when your Preview release is ready for you to use

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