What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP business objects screenshot framed in a laptop

Business Intelligence

Connect, prepare, and blend data from on-premise and cloud hosted data sources. Create compelling visualizations with insights discovered in your data and answer business questions on the fly with intuitive navigation.

Track important KPIs through shared interactive dashboards. Explore what drives your business and make decisions backed by data.

Build and Customize your Storybook
Build and Customize your Storybook

Predictive Analytics

Uncover trends in your data with guided machine discovery. Reveal key influencers, outliers, and groupings in your data to better understand what drives your business.

Forecast future scenarios by investigating business scenarios in an intuitive user interface. Advanced automated machine learning discovery gives you an unbiased view of the key variables influencing all aspect of your operations.

Organizational Planning

Simplify the financial planning and analysis process with the ability to analyze, collaborate, and plan all in a single cloud platform.

SAP Analytics Cloud supports multi-dimensional designs, specialized report layouts, cell locking, and auto spreading features. Enrich your data with time-based charts and geo maps, and enable data auditing.

Use access rights and version management to create private versions, share with specific people, or publish to authorized users.

Build and Customize your Storybook
Build and Customize your Storybook

Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom transforms the modern boardroom experience with a unique and engaging user experience that invites leaders to interact with insights for better outcomes. Simulate the impact of decisions to financials and operations, and make decisions with confidence.

Get a 360° view across all LOB and operations and visualize insights in-context across large touchscreen displays to maximize impact.