SAP Analytics Hub

A single point of access to all of your analytics content, no matter where it resides
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SAP Analytics Hub brings together all your on-premise and cloud-based analytics assets in a single front-end platform. Whether your information is coming from SAP or from a third-party, you can access it in one searchable catalog.

Create and combine analytics content in SAP Analytics Hub with your SAP Analytics Cloud license. SAP Analytics Cloud is the technological foundation and analytics platform for SAP Analytics Hub.

all in one place


Easily find and discover all corporate-trusted analytics, whether SAP or non-SAP documents, on-premise or in the cloud.  Analytics Hub's unified user experience makes it easy to find. Search for content, get detailed information, and access any analytics solution directly through SAP Analytics Hub.

Confidence in your information

Be confident that your analytics has been validated by experts, so you can focus on making the right decisions.

Easily accessible analytics

SAP Analytics Hub is available on any device. Find formation you need when you need it the most.

SAP Analytics Hub

A single platform to discover all of your information-rich analytics