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Q1 2019 – Mobile

We are bringing in the Roambi experience to SAP Analytics Cloud!

Mobile first Templates

  • Pre-defined templates allow for a native application experience tailored specifically for mobile only use cases

Always available

  • Offline focused architecture enables users to fully access and interact with their content instantaneously – regardless of availability or speed of network

Seamlessly integrated into SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Roambi templates leverage the same data connectivity and modeling components as stories
  • SAC Mobile app and Roambi app adopt Fiori design paradigm, giving all users a consistent look and feel

Here’s a full list of our development plan for Q1 2019:


  • Hyperlink with filter context
  • Dynamic text improvements
  • Annotations

Enterprise Readiness

  • Improved switch server experience

SAC Roambi (controlled release)

  • iOS support
  • Template supported : Pulse
  • Import data support
  • Adopt Fiori for iOS design paradigm

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