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Q3 2018 – Smart Assist

Search to Insight, which extends the Smart Assist Capabilities, is an exciting new feature we’re planning for mid-2018.  With conversational artificial intelligence, you can ask ad-hoc questions about your data as simple as if you were asking a colleague. It uses natural language and auto-complete to help you find insights even easier.

Simply begin typing your questions and results will populate.

Ask about your sales revenue in a specific region, who are your top performing sales managers, or what were the bestselling products last quarter — Search to Insight provides you all the information you need, instantly.

Choose the most relevant result and a visualization automatically appears allowing you to perform on-the-fly analysis, or add the chart to your story.

Check out what we have planned in Q3 2018:

  • Auto-generate fully populated, multi-tabbed stories with Overview, Key Influencers, Unexpected Values and Simulation tabs
  • Identify actionable insights with the powered by Machine Learning
  • Expose key influencers driving business-critical KPIs
  • Analyze outliers to identify impactful decisions
  • Predict future outcomes with interactive ‘what-if’
  • Future ready for SAP’s CoPilot, an SAP Fiori digital assistant experience
  • Part of SAP Leonardo’s conversational Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning foundation

In the first release, Search to Insight is only planned in English; however, we’re working on offering multi-language support.

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