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This blog covers some of the latest new features and enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom release 2019.19. Please note that the Analytics Cloud Help documentation is updated at the same time as the upgrade to this release, so the links here may not yet reflect what is described below until after the upgrade is complete.
Upgrade your SAP Analytics Cloud agent to the latest agent version 1.0.243 to take advantage of all the data acquisition types!
If you haven’t upgraded yet, here are the data acquisition minimum requirements:

  • Version 1.0.233 for SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • Version 1.0.99 for SAP ERP / SQL databases
  • Version 1.0.91 for SAP Universe (UNX)
  • Version 1.0.75 for all other data source types

For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.

Highlights of this release:

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Administration & Infrastructure

Choose to send an email when sharing files with users

With this update, you’ll have the ability to choose whether or not to send an email when sharing a File, Folder or Story with a user. This way, you can keep your colleagues up to date with what’s being shared, or you can save yourself the inevitable pain from them ignoring your email and just not bother. Either way, the power is in your hands! Changing users’ access rights to the shared file will not trigger new email notifications.

Security improvements

In the “My Content” page under “Content Network”, you can now use Security Settings to determine whether to list or block content from specified tenants. When blocking, only the specifically listen tenants will be shown, whereas when allowed, all tenants except for those listed will be shown.


Data Integration

Import Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) data sources using open connectors

You can now leverage the integration of SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Open Connector to expose SFTP as a new import data source for users. Excel and CSV file formats are supported with up to 800K rows by 100 columns.

Characteristics as a Key figure support with BPC Live connection

Characteristics as a Key figure can now be supported in BPC Live connections, allowing users to add short comments for data being sent through this connection. I guess you could say that this is a pretty key feature for the Data Integration fans out there…

Intelligent Enterprise

Improved performance in stories with SAP BW smart queries

Performance improvements are coming to stories that contain multiple charts by using SAP BW smart queries. The queries will now be combined as long as they share the same dimensions, along with a few other factors (Check here for full list).

Data Visualizations

Unrestricted drilling

No, SAP isn’t about to get into the oil industry, instead, we’ve released a performance enhancement where the dynamic time range applies to widget filters. It will now stay on the desired granularity even if the entire time range does not have data. So, if you have a dynamic time range for all of 2019, but data only exists until September, you’ll still be able to drill down into your existing data.

Linked Analysis for drill levels

Who doesn’t love Linked Analysis? With this update, you’ll be able to change the hierarchy of multiple charts through Linked Analysis, as long as the charts are on the same hierarchy and level as the driver chart. Filter away!

Show or hide granular chart detail options

Story designers can now choose specific elements of chart details to be displayed in their charts. Story designers can still select to show all chart details with the Show/Hide menu by selecting “All”, but designers can customize what information to display (for example only to show filter information but not model details)! Designers can also select multiple charts to show or hide chart details as a group much faster than before, so now you’ll finally have time to catch up on all those episodes of Murdoch Mysteries!

Increase dimension data label spacing for charts with only negative values

For charts with negative values exclusively, moving the right axis will expand the space next to your data labels making them easier to read. This will bring parity with positive and negative values, making the user experience more consistent across the board. Now this is what I call a positive move…

Save & Leave the Story

Story designers will now be able to quickly save and leave the story with one click when attempting to exit with unsaved changes. A dialogue box will appear that maintains the “Leave” and “Cancel” options but adds the “Save & Leave” option as well. This will help prevent accidentally losing your hard work!

Analytics Designer


Application designers can now define a timer to delay the trigger of a script call. This technical component has several related scripting APIs including start(delayInSecons), stop(), isRunning() and onTimeout().


Option to publish private comments

Sorry for that last feature, seems like the description timed out for some reason…
Anyway, with this update, when you publish a private version and make it public, you’ll have the option to publish the cell comments associated with that private version as well. These comments will be available when the same version is used again.

Table formatting enhancements

The new default template for tables will now have a white background with distinctive formatting for the header cells, particularly when you have differing versions in your table. This will make it much easier to compare actuals with budgeted and forecasted values, sort of how the different lightsaber colours let you quickly distinguish between Jedi and Sith. Although when it comes to finances, you unfortunately can’t use the force to make the red go away…

Colo(u)r formatting enhancements

With this update, the behavior(u)r of changing the expand/collapse icon colo(u)r in tables to your favo(u)rite colo(u)r is now possible. We are always trying to hono(u)r wil(l)fully your ability to fulfil(l) your calib(er/re) of customization, and we continue with that fervo(u)r in this update. Sorry for the gruel(l)ing humo(u)r… (In case you’re confused, you can now change the colour of the expand/collapse icon in tables!)

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