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This blog covers some of the latest new features and enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom release 2020.03. Please note that the Analytics Cloud Help documentation is updated at the same time as the upgrade to this release, so the links here may not yet reflect what is described below until after the upgrade is complete.

Upgrade your SAP Analytics Cloud agent to the latest agent version 1.0.261 to take advantage of all the data acquisition types!
If you haven’t upgraded yet, here are the data acquisition minimum requirements:

  • Version 1.0.233 for SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • Version 1.0.99 for SAP ERP / SQL databases
  • Version 1.0.91 for SAP Universe (UNX)
  • Version 1.0.75 for all other data source types

For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.

Highlights of this release:

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This blog provides a high-level overview of the latest features in SAP Analytics Cloud.
If you’re looking to get more information about these features, please visit the help documentation

Analytics Designer

OData Services on more SAP systems

In addition to SAP S/4HANA live connections, you can now define OData Services in analytics designer based on SAP BW systems, SAP HANA systems, and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) systems. Additional back-end support is added, so you can trigger Odata actions on data from more SAP systems.

Referenced custom widgets in exported archives

Custom widgets enable you to create your own visualizations. With this new enhancement, you can export analytic applications that contain all referenced custom widgets by default. This will guarantee you access to all custom widgets, saving you time and trouble.

New APIs

There are two new scripting APIs for BW and HANA Live connections:

  • removeVariableValue()
  • copyVariableValueFrom()

You can set, remove or copy the variables values when editing your script for analytical applications. In the story or application, the variables are merged by default, which means any changes you made on the variables will affect all tables and charts the variables are used. You can choose to set Table Variables to let the variables be unmerged on the widget, meaning that only a particular chart will be affected if you make any changes. Have fun with the extra scripting capabilities from this update!

Improved Adding Widget Menu

The adding widget menu gets longer with each new widget added, so we have enhanced it by regrouping some widgets. Widgets that are not used frequently are regrouped in “More Widgets”. Custom widget is also separated on the widget menu. New groupings give developers easier navigation to work on their widgets.


Shareable Full Control access

If you share a model with Full Control access, other users are now able to export jobs. This update improves team collaboration and makes it easier for the appropriate users to make exports as necessary.


Easier navigation

Mobile users can now easily navigate to their desired content through the following:

  • A new Home tab containing favorite and featured content, as well as recently viewed items.
  • A new Files tab to view all the folders and files containing stories and presentations enabled for mobile.
  • Settings are now available under the Profile icon.
  • Global search on both the Home and Files tabs for accelerated content discovery.

Available on Android

To all Android users, the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile App is now available for you! You can discover mobile-enabled Stories by using the global search or navigating through the content folders. From now on, you can view and work on stories via your phone anywhere, anytime.

Support for story metadata

The SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile App now supports translated, user-defined story metadata based on acquired data connections. Multilingual communication will offer a competitive advantage to companies in the wave of globalization.

Administration & Infrastructure

Permissions to discuss and comment

Companies may have very specific rules around which applications should be used to allow the direct user to user collaboration. You can now manage permissions to start a discussion or view and contribute to it through a new application privilege managed in the role definitions. The same application privilege is also available for managing commenting. Thus effective team communication can be achieved while data security is ensured!

Self-service IdP maintenance

You can now use the Identity Provider Administration tool to manage the custom identity provider configured with SAP Analytics Cloud. This can be used to recover your IdP configuration in case of unexpected interruption. For example, you can upload new metadata for the current custom identity provider or revert to using the default identity provider.

Support for Safari

SAP Analytics Cloud now supports the Safari browser for the following use cases:

  • Consuming applications created by Analytics Designer on iPad in embed mode.
  • Viewing Canvas/Responsive stories on Mac for all embedded scenarios with different solutions like SAP S/4 and Success Factors.

Smart Assist

Histograms in Search to Insight

Users can use histogram as chart type in Search to Insight by specifying “as histogram”. For example, type “Show me Employee by Salary for 2019 as histogram” in Search to Insight, instantly the results will be visualized with a histogram.

Data Visualization

Widget Filters on Dynamic Time Using a Custom Current Date

Now you have the ability to create widget filters with dynamic time ranges based on a “custom current date”. Viewers can control the current date used for the dynamic time range, so they can have more options when it comes to working with data in different timelines. Note there is only one custom current date input control, which is located in the filter bar. This feature is currently not supported on Geo Maps.


Custom Hierarchies/Groups for BW Live

Story designers want to organize members of different dimension groups. When working on a story, you can define custom hierarchies on BW dimensions. These hierarchies can be used in charts, tables, input controls, and filters. The definition of a new hierarchy always starts from the flat dimension and changing the Variables will reset all custom hierarchies.

Please note that this new feature requires BW 7.5 SP16 and notes 2865887, 2865929.

Favorite Story and Boardroom in View Time

You can mark your story or boardroom as “favorite” during view time, making it easier and faster to open and pick up where you left at a later time. In all new boardrooms, you can find “favorite” in the action bar; as for the existing ones, you can add them through settings.

Choose between ID and Description Display of Member Input Controls

Users can select whether to display ID, description, or both in an input control, to better select members in a filter. Searching for members is based on the display settings. The selection can be changed during view time and is persisted in bookmarks.

Disable Data Label Rounding in Charts

Some chart types round the data labels in favor of a cleaner visualization. Although Data Label Rounding remains the default, you can disable it by unchecking “Round Data Label Values”. Chart types supported include: Bar/Column, Combined Column and Line, Stacked Bar, Waterfall, Heat Map, Tree Map, Marimekko, Bubble.

Responsive Layout as Preferred Page Type

The use of responsive pages is being encouraged through small UI changes, so your stories can automatically resize to fit on different devices or screen sizes. When creating a new page, Responsive Layout is suggested first, and stories created by Data Exploration use responsive pages by default.

Data Integration

Export blank values as the specified value

When exporting data using an SAP Analytics Cloud property for the target member ID, users can now export members with blank property values. Member values acquired from BW system are sometimes empty, and users using SAP Analytics Cloud for planning purposes may want to export them as empty, or replace them with a default value. This new functionality helps ensure the completion of data throughout the analyzing process.


Platform Services

Schedule Publications

Scheduling publications on stories and analytical applications will allow you to create a schedule with recurring patterns and allow you to distribute the content as a PDF over email. With the same story, you can customize the publications using bookmarks to send more relevant information to your colleagues and even to external audiences.

This new feature greatly improves the distribution of your stories and analytical applications. Auditors and business managers rejoice! With this new feature, you’ll be able to maintain historical data from your content at any pre-defined frequency.

SAP BW and HANA Prompt Variables are supported. On the Calendar, you are able to see the status of your scheduling job. Please note that scheduling is only available on Cloud Foundry.

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