Account Administration


Account Administration

As a System Administrator, can I track the usage of my Analytics Cloud System?

Yes. Using the System Monitor, Administrators can track overall system information and usage information for individual users.

Can I set different permission levels for system users?

Yes. Admins are able to specify Model Security and Dimension Security to restrict data access.

Read more on Model and Data security.

How do I add more team members to my SAP Analytics Cloud System?

If you’re on a 30-day trial you’ll have to upgrade to a Business Plan. To do this, simply log in to your SAP Analytics Cloud account and click Buy Now in the toolbar. Before you checkout, you can add as many users as you want to your system.

If you have SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence, you can add more users in the Account section accessed from the main menu.

How is SAP Analytics Cloud billed?

Subscriptions to SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence are billed on a quarterly or annual basis, your choice.

Subscriptions to SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning are billed based on your contract with SAP, your Account Executive can give you more details.

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