Technical Support


Technical Support

What do I need to run SAP Analytics Cloud?

The basic requirements are an internet connection and web browser; for best results, use Google Chrome.

Depending on your configuration there may be more requirements that will help Analytics Cloud run better. Check out our System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites for more information.

What web browser should I use? Can I use Internet Explorer?

For the best experience, use Google Chrome as your browser. Features are limited for other browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Where is SAP Analytics Cloud hosted? How do I know my data is secure?

SAP Analytics Cloud is built on the SAP Cloud Platform. SAP is committed to trust, security, and compliance in the cloud. Security is built into every layer of our cloud products. For detailed information, visit the SAP Cloud Trust Center.

Can I host SAP Analytics Cloud on a private server?

SAP Analytics Cloud is hosted on the public cloud. Enterprise Plan holders have the option of hosting the software on a private cloud. If you’re interested in an Enterprise Plan, please get in touch with us.

For more information on SAP’s secure Data Centres visit

Where can I find the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud is included in this Service Level Agreement for SAP Cloud Services.

How do I contact support?

Paid subscribers can connect with SAP support through the SAP Support Portal. To sign in, you’ll need your S-user login information.

What is an S-user ID and how do I get one?

An S-user ID is a unique identifier that can be used to login to SAP products, submit support tickets, download software, configure connections, and more. However, not all SAP Analytics Cloud users will need an S-user ID.

For System Admins, if Analytics Cloud is your first SAP Product purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email with your S-user ID. If you did not receive a number, or cannot find the email contact SAP Support.

For all other users, if you require an S-user ID for any reason, you should contact your organization’s Super Administrator.

Get more information about S-user ID

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