Sofiya Muzychko

Sofiya Muzychko

Sofiya leads Digital Boardroom product management for SAP Analytics Cloud. She previously led various augmented BI topics, and is known for her global webinars on data visualization.

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We are excited to announce that Linked Analysis workflow is now more intuitive and consistent with other filtering workflows in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Now, story designers have full flexibility to define what widgets can be affected by Linked Analysis. And, it gets even better from here! You can now have more than one Linked Analysis group per page.

We’ve made it easier for you to link your charts by conveniently relocating Linked Analysis to the quick action bar. So, it’s important to remember that Linked Analysis will no longer be accessible from the main toolbar.

Linked Analysis settings are now consistent with page filter configuration experience. To create Linked Analysis, select your chart and click on ‘Linked Analysis’ from the quick action bar. A side panel pop-up will let you configure which charts will be affected by the Linked Analysis interaction. Keep in mind, that Linked Analysis can only be applied to visualizations based on the same model.

You have the following options in your Linked Analysis settings:

All widgets in this Story

With this option enabled, the end user can create a story filter by filtering the selected chart. If the user is no longer interested in seeing filtered data, they can easily remove the story filter icon from the filter bar.

Note, that the end user needs to filter on the datapoint, since you cannot apply Linked Analysis to the story via datapoint selection.

All widgets on this Page

Apply your interactions to all widgets on the page that share the same model! By enabling “Filter on data point selection” the end user’s interactions become even more seamless and effortless!

Only selected widgets

If you want to restrict your Linked Analysis to only apply to specific charts, you can simply select the target charts in the Linked Analysis settings. Similar to page input control configuration, you can set your Linked Analysis interaction to apply to all newly created charts.

And finally, when working with Linked Analysis, make sure to enable chart and table details to always know if there is a Linked Analysis filter being applied to a particular chart. Or look to the ‘Controls’ panel for more information.

We hope you find this blog useful and tune in for more feature blogs coming up!

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