Nic Smith

Nic Smith

Nic leads the global product marketing organization for BI and cloud analytics at SAP. As a data-driven marketing leader, his experience in enterprise and business consumer marketing strategies supports customer innovation and consistently drives growth targets. Connect with Nic on Linkedin and Twitter.

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Following the peddles of fellow SAP’er John Mathews’s Ride Hard Breathe Easy campaign, this June I will be participating in a multi-day bike ride through sections of British Columbia’s interior mountain ranges. Joining team Lycra for Lucy, I will ride in support of Cystic Fibrosis and my niece Lucy Mittler (watch the Lucky Lucy video) who has the disease.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults. At present, there is no cure and the median age of life expectancy is now 51.8 years. But, investing in research makes a difference. Since its inception 10 years ago, GearUp4CF has raised over $1.75 million for vital cystic fibrosis research and clinical care.

Follow my training, analysis, and the ride!

Over the coming weeks leading up to the ride I’ll be sharing more data, analysis, and insights as I and the team train for the ride. I’m looking forward to bringing the SAP DataGenius team along for this year’s ride to assist with analysis of my training with real-time data and stats, which I’ll be sharing.

Data, analysis, equipment, and telemetry

In an experiment to improve my own fitness level and nerd out big time on data, we’re planning to pull as much data and analysis we can on my training rides to assist with performance leading up to the ride. The goal will be to capture insights on my training to assist with performance, provide real-time insights on the ride, and showcase the power of what analytics can do to enhance performance.

Equipment will include Garmin 520 Edge heads up bike computer, heart rate monitor, and bike sensors capturing a variety of metrics from GPS, peddle cadence, power output, speed, elevation, and much more. The data collected will be fed into SAP Analytics Cloud and using smart assist capabilities to uncover patterns, trends, outliers in the data as well as share a live view of training and official ride analysis back for supporters to track progress.

Let the training begin!

Here’s an early view of analysis from my first training ride using SAP Analytics Cloud. With this visualization, the SAP DataGenius team is able to zero into sections of my ride and analyze my performance to look at ways I might improve, particularly as I train for riding higher elevations. We hope to share more smart insights and analysis as we begin to collect more training ride data.

Couldn’t do it without you!

Big shout-out to my partners, which I wouldn’t be able to do this without:

  • GearUp4CF and Team Lycra for Lucy
  • SAP Analytics Cloud and the SAP DataGenius team for their support with data, analysis, stats, and use of machine learning technology to uncover hidden insights to assist with my training
  • Strava activity app, follow my training updates if you use Strava
  • West Point Cycles, Vancouver’s local (and best) bike shop I’ll be working with for knowledge, expertise, and equipment
  • And of course all our sponsors! Thanks to all the donations and kinds words of support, you will be riding right alongside team Lycra for Lucy!

Get Involved

Follow this link to make a secure online donation if you’re interested in sponsoring my ride. For more information on how you can participate in GearUp4CF 2018, please visit

Your support helps move one step closer to the day when CF will stand for CURE FOUND. Follow along @nicfish on Twitter and Instagram at #GearUp4CF

Go Team Lycra for Lucy!

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