Ewan Maalerud

Ewan Maalerud

Ewan is part of the Digital Customer Experience team for SAP Analytics Cloud, based in Vancouver, Canada. He’s passionate about data analytics and communicating the value of using data to optimize business outcomes.

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SAP Analytics Cloud has a Fresh New Look

SAP Analytics Cloud has undergone a recent transformation and we’re excited to finally reveal it to you.

In addition to a number of behind the scenes improvements, the most noticeable change is the interface. We modernized the styling to align with other SAP products and provide a more consistent look and feel. This updated facelift is intended to be subtle as to not impact your workflow.

We also have a brand new typeface, created specifically, and exclusively, for SAP.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the changes you can expect to see.

Modernized user interface

As you work with stories, you may notice a different contrast ratio of colors, fonts, icons, and placement of certain elements.

Stories SAP Analytics Cloud

We incorporated a new flat design that’s consistent throughout the application as well as other SAP products. This enhanced accessibility makes fonts easier to read, even on projectors.

The modernized visual design is based on the “Belize” theme, which provides friendly, yet elegant styling. This includes new icons to improve workflow efficiency, redesigned architecture for easy navigation, and a new contrast of colors for enhanced accessibility.

A new clear and robust typeface

The award-winning Font 72 is purely designed for the SAP User Interface. Its readability is extraordinary, supporting non-functional requirements such as responsiveness and accessibility.

Typeface enthusiasts understand the importance of typography and the visual impact of design. Some typefaces are hard to read and don’t provide enough visual distinction between characters or hierarchies. A comma and a period, for example, may look too similar, which is not only hard to read, but could potentially cause confusion that affects business outcomes.

Font 72 SAP Analytics Cloud

With the SAP Analytics Cloud redesign, we discussed fonts at length. We decided to use an entirely new typeface, created specifically, and exclusively, for SAP.

The requirements were to use a font that is clear and easy to read regardless of screen size; and one that is robust enough to deploy a hierarchy of different scale, weight and style. Our ultimate goal is to create a frictionless experience for customers as they navigate and consume content on SAP Analytics Cloud.

In the absence of a suitable font, the Global Design team, with the help of Monotype, created a new font. After receiving the Red Dot Award for Communication Design, font 72 was selected from over 8,000 submissions from 50 countries.

With a new facelift, SAP Analytics Cloud looks more modern and maintains visual consistency across all SAP products. We hope you like the new design as much as we do.

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