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What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud (Release 2017.09)

What's New

This post focuses on the most impactful updates from release 2017.09. Full release notes are available here: What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom Release 2017.09

Highlights of Release 2017.09:

  • New Smart Assist Features
  • R Integration
  • Examine View for Value Driver Trees

Smart Assist Features: make better decisions, faster.

With the power of machine learning and automation, Smart Assist helps you get more out of your data, and your time.

Smart Transformations

Smart Transformations makes data preparation easier by suggesting transformations based on the context of your data. Machine learning technology applies transformations to new data automatically, saving you time and effort.

Suggested transformation data wrangling

Smart Discovery

Smart Discovery automatically identify key business drivers and reveal unexpected values. By running a Smart Discovery, you can predict the future outcome of a KPI or record value and run simulations to see what will affect the outcome.

Example of a Smart Discovery simulation from Release 2017.09

Smart Insights

Smart Insights help you to understand intricate aspects of your business data, quickly. By running Smart Insights on a data point you’ll automatically get an explanation of the contributing factors behind it.

Example of Smart Insights panel from Release 2017.09

R Integration: visualize and analyze with no limits

R is an open-source programming language that facilitates advanced visualizations, statistics, machine learning, and more. First, you’ll set up a connection to your R server, you’ll have be able to leverage R visualizations within your data analysis.

Once your R server is connected, you’ll be able to:

  • Insert R visualizations into stories
  • Interact with your visualizations using controls such as filters
  • Edit your R scripts and preview visualizations
  • Share stories containing R visualizations

Example of an R Visualization from Release 2017.09

If you have want to change, manipulate and update your R scripts, you can use R studio directly in Analytics Cloud.

Value driver tree examine view: drill down and simulate within stories

Value driver trees are useful for simulating the effects of potential scenarios. They help to inform forecasting, budgeting, and overall decision making.

With examine view it’s easy to see your detailed information and make quick updates to your value driver trees in stories.

Examine panel Value Driver Tree release 2017.09

Select a tile containing a value driver tree and select examine view to see detailed information in a table. You can either select the entire value driver tree or a single node.

Now, you can make quick updates and simulate results by modifying values. You can change the values in the nodes of the value driver tree or in the table of examine view.

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