Ty Miller

Ty Miller

Ty Miller is the Vice President of Product Management for SAP Analytics Cloud. Ty has over 20 years of experience in business intelligence. He is fascinated by industry-disrupting technologies and how they can be applied to make things better, faster, more efficient and more sustainable.

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We love helping businesses make end-to-end decisions with confidence. To help you get the most out of your SAP Analytics Cloud experience, in this post we'll answer some frequently asked questions about our browser support strategy.

What browsers are supported in SAP Analytics Cloud?

Currently, SAP Analytics Cloud supports three web browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge.

Of these, Google Chrome is our recommended browser as it provides full support for all capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud.

While also supported, Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge provide view-only support for certain areas of SAP Analytics Cloud and no authoring or administration capabilities. This means that while users can consume analytics with Internet Explorer 11 or Edge, they won’t be able to create anything new. Internet Explorer 11 and Edge do not support story creation, the use of SAP Analytics Cloud’s Explorer, Digital Boardroom, and administration functions like the ability to manage users, create models, or set up connections.

To learn more about the differences in browser support, check out our help page. 

Why is Google Chrome supported and not Internet Explorer?

Google Chrome is our recommended browser because:

  • Google Chrome performs better than any other browser when it comes to JavaScript-intensive applications
  • Google Chrome follows web standards that will allow us to more easily support more browsers in the future
  • Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser in terms of usage
  • Internet Explorer’s market demand and share has continued to decline
  • Microsoft is moving away from Internet Explorer and towards Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11 does not adhere to internet standards

Also, when weighing customer priorities, it’s clear that support for other features is more important to the overall customer experience than support for Internet Explorer 11.

Is full support for Microsoft Edge coming in the future?

We fully understand that not all customers can use Google Chrome. As a result, we plan to offer full support for Microsoft Edge in Q1 2019.

Microsoft Edge is an open web browser that supports the latest web standards and performs well with JavaScript-intensive applications. Furthermore, this plan aligns to Microsoft’s future browser direction.

What does SAP Analytics Cloud’s browser support mean for you?

End-users can use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, or Microsoft Edge to view and consume pre-built analytics content today.

Content authors and administrators are currently limited to Google Chrome, but they will be able to use Microsoft Edge when support for it becomes available. Until then, we recommend that you work with your internal IT teams to get an exception to use Google Chrome for SAP Analytics Cloud.

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