Nic Smith

Nic Smith

Nic leads the global product marketing organization for BI and cloud analytics at SAP. As a data-driven marketing leader, his experience in enterprise and business consumer marketing strategies supports customer innovation and consistently drives growth targets. Connect with Nic on Linkedin and Twitter.

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In honor of International Star Wars Day, the SAP DataGenius team looked at film analysis to uncover any hidden insights over the years with SAP Analytics Cloud. Here’s a breakdown of our analysis and use of SAP Analytics Cloud. #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Search to Insight

We started our analysis by using a Natural Language Query search to quickly get a sense of the films with the largest production cost.

Natural Language Query

Revenue vs. Cost adjusted for inflation

Then we expended the analysis on production costs and compared it to revenue. This visualization shows how much the Force Awakens was a commercial success, as the second most revenue all time. The first film dominates over time with the inflation adjustment and we can also clearly see how Episode 2 & 3 underperformed with high cost and low revenue.

Revene vs. Cost Chart

Domestic vs. Foreign Revenue

When they had a look at which films performed best by region. Episode 1, 2, and 3 grossed higher in foreign markets vs. domestic markets. The newer films also have larger global appeal as evidenced by their larger foreign box office numbers. The films from the 70s and 80s had higher domestic revenue.

Domestic vs. Foreign Revenue Chart

Profit Analysis

We used SAP Analytics Cloud to calculate the profit of each film without messing with our data model. This shows us a comparison across each film and an at-a-glance view of profit margins. Most of the modern era films hovered in the 80-90% profitability with the profitability for Phantom Menace being the best.

Profit Analysis Chart

Opening Weekend Analysis

This view shows ticket price increases over time. The analysis shows more people attend the films on opening weekends over time but doesn’t have an impact on the total number of people that see the film.

Opening Weekend Analysis

Mobile View of Revenue vs. Cost

Our story also included a responsive mobile view, handy for quick insights and sharing our film analysis with friends.

Revenue vs. Cost (mobile)

Smart Data Prep

We were also easily able to adjust and prepare our data. The Smart Data Prep features in SAP Analytics Cloud detected any issues in our data and assisted with the transformations we needed before starting our analysis.

Smart Data Preparation

What Insights Can You Uncover?

This example provides a quick overview of what the SAP DataGenius team could do in just a few minutes using SAP Analytics Cloud. Give it a try for analyzing data and uncovering insights in your business.


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