Maddy Wilson

Maddy Wilson

Maddy is a content creator for SAP Analytics Cloud. She has a passion for everything digital and enjoys finding creative ways to simplify complex concepts. When she’s not behind her computer you’ll find her enjoying live music, watching a play, or paddling with her dragon boat team.

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When an event happens in your SAP Analytics Cloud system, such as an outage, the designated System Owner role will receive a System Event Notification email. In a case like this, it’s up to the System Owner to share the information with other users in your organization.

But, that’s a lot of responsibility to place on one user. After all, they might be in a meeting or out of the office when a notification email comes through. Or, the System Owner may not be the best person to receive the System Event Notification email in the first place. By default, the System Owner role is the person who purchased the system. But, that person may not be the administrator in your organization who would benefit most from the notifications.

To help spread the information around, administrators can add additional email recipients in the Admin panel under notifications.

System Event Notification Email list

Adding extra email addresses ensures that everyone stays informed when there’s a System Event.

To learn more about the System Owner Role and how to transfer it to someone else in your organization, check out our Quick Tip Video on Transferring System Ownership. 

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