Maddy Wilson

Maddy Wilson

Maddy is a content creator for SAP Analytics Cloud. She has a passion for everything digital and enjoys finding creative ways to simplify complex concepts. When she’s not behind her computer you’ll find her enjoying live music, watching a play, or paddling with her dragon boat team.

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There's still time to learn from an SAP Analytics Cloud expert before we ring in the new year! So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, switch on the yule log, and catch up on 2018's most popular webinars.

Top 10 SAP Analytics Cloud Webinars of 2018

1. SAP Analytics Cloud Integration with SAP HANA
Get a walkthrough on technical pre-requisites and an explanation of the data connectivity options to your SAP HANA system (running on-premise, or on SAP Cloud Platform). This webinar includes updates on new feature capabilities which take advantage of SAP Analytics Cloud’s tight integration with SAP HANA.

2. SAP BW on SAP Analytics Cloud (Part 1)
If you’ve been consolidating and transforming data with SAP Business Warehouse (BW) this is the webinar for you. Get a walk-through of the capabilities designed to work with SAP BW and SAP Analytics Cloud.

3. SAP BW on SAP Analytics Cloud (Part 2)
Learn end-to-end best practices when it comes to integrating SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BW. This webinar will walk you through technical requirements and pre-requisites for data connections, a technical overview on the support of BW query features, best practices and tips on Story performance, BW query design, and more!

4. Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Story Performance
In 2018 we were hard at work adding a number of features to speed up your story performance. In this webinar, we’ll review recent performance enhancements and end with a Q&A with our Product Manager.

5. Extend your Corporate Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud
Hear from our partner Vantage Point as they share best practices for planning and forecasting across your enterprise. Learn how Analytics Cloud can extend your current financial planning to other Lines of Business and put the power of data in the hands of your frontline people. VantagePoint will share client experiences, demonstrate some key functionality enhancements, and show how Analytics Cloud integrates with other systems such as SAP BPC.

6. Lifecycle Management: SAP Analytics Cloud Concepts and Workflows
Learn about the various features of Lifecycle Management in SAP Analytics Cloud. We’ll also share suggested workflows for promoting content and securing content depending on user personas. SAP Partner Analysis Prime shares their Implementation experience with SAP Analytics Cloud around content management.

7. Machine Learning in SAP Analytics Cloud
Learn about our vision for helping business analysts successfully adopt machine learning as part of their responsibilities. Find out the current and future direction of machine learning enabled features in SAP Analytics Cloud and get an understanding of how the combination can help you improve traditional BI and Planning efforts.

8. Implementing SAP Analytics Cloud in Your Business
Learn best practices of implementing SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BW from the experts at VantagePoint. Having worked with customers on their go-live deployments for Analytics Cloud across North America, they’re experts in their field and they’re sharing tips and tricks on making your analytics investments work for you. 

9. What Communication Standards Can Do for You (also available in German)
In 2018 SAP Analytics Cloud was IBCS® Certified! IBCS, or International Business Communication Standards, are a set of rules that you can follow to standardize your business communication. But what exactly does this mean? And how will communication standards benefit you and your business? In this webinar, our Product Expert will answer these questions and more. You’ll learn how following the IBCS rules in SAP Analytics Cloud can save you time, money, and energy.

10. Jumpstart Your Stories with Business Content (also available in German)
SAP Analytics Cloud provides a content library of end-to-end business scenarios for specific industries and lines of business. The pre-built business content helps you to create impactful Stories faster than you would by starting from scratch. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to access the content, which includes stories, data models, agendas, and documentation. You’ll also learn best practices for implementing this content on your system.

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