Ewan Maalerud

Ewan Maalerud

Ewan is part of the Digital Customer Experience team for SAP Analytics Cloud, based in Vancouver, Canada. He’s passionate about data analytics and communicating the value of using data to optimize business outcomes.

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The upcoming Wave 2018.05 update will bring about a number of significant improvements that we’re excited to reveal. In this post, we’ll focus on just one — the newly redesigned Files area.

These changes are part of a bigger effort to unify all content management and make navigating your content a little easier.

One of our goals with this change is to improve accessibility to our new business content library as well as expose admins to features such as managing all users content.

Some of the improvements we made are allowing for customizable columns, search across folders, defining favorites, and displaying more information about an object compared to the old listing, such as last changed with time granularity.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Files area.

A closer look at the new design

Comparing the old and new design side by side, you will notice more than just the styling has changed — the Stories and Digital Boardroom listings are gone.

SAP Analytics Cloud new look

The old design listed all repositories separately under the Browse menu. Now these repositories are combined into the Files area, which contains all our stories, folders, templates, agendas, and boardrooms.

The following sections are available from within the Files section:

  1. Left-hand access to My Files, Favorites, Content Library, Deleted Files
  2. Toolbar for creating, organizing, filtering, and searching
  3. Navigation across all available stories, folders, templates, agendas, and boardrooms

With the Files menu now containing all stories, agendas, folders, and boardrooms, you will no longer need to navigate to separate pages to view all your content.

For more information on the other feature enhancements, please check out our What’s New Blog.

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