Wendy McGrath

Wendy McGrath

Wendy McGrath is a Senior User Assistance Developer for SAC Smart Insights. Since joining SAP in 2013, she has also written documentation for SAP Lumira Designer and Predictive Analytics integrator. She works closely with UX designers to help create an awesome user experience. She liaises with multiple development teams in Dublin to deliver high quality user assistance for our products.

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Everyone loves a Top 5 - SAP Analytics Cloud's latest release now brings you many of the top features you've been asking about.

Join the 5-4-3-2-1 feature countdown brought to you by The Video Journalism Team, HANA & Analytics Design Services. Hosted by product expert, Camelia Balan.

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Summary of the Top 5 Features in Q3 2019

5. Live Blending (BW)

When it comes to blending live data from a few different sources, you want to do it in a way that avoids replication, right? You want to blend your data once, query your data many times, and know you’re getting the freshest answer, every time. Well, Live Blending (BW) is now available in SAP Analytics Cloud. Check out the video to learn about the problems Live Blending (BW) solves.

4. Linked Analysis Enhancement

If you’re like most of us, you’ve had to create stories using data from different data sources. You’d like to know that if you make a change in one area of your story, all connected areas are updated too. Using SAC’s enhanced Linked Analysis, you can now decide which widgets are connected. Like to see how? Check out the video to get Camelia’s take on the feature. (It’s quite apparent at this stage, that I’m encouraging you to watch the video!)

 3. Multilingual Support

Interpreting data in different languages can certainly add complexity to an already complex area. Maintaining stories in multiple languages is quite the challenge. See how SAC’s Multilingual Support can now help with this. Check out…(I won’t say it again, I promise.)

Search to insight screenshot

2. Search to Insight Live

You can now use Search to Insight with live connections. Benefit from auto-completed text, ranking and sorting, and much more. For more details about Search to Insight, see Flavia Moser’s introduction right here, and her use case description right here.

1. Data Analyzer

It’s a lot of re-work to have to create a model in SAC if you already have it in SAP BW. Data Analyzer helps you avoid this extra work, by giving you the option to access your SAP BW data without having to re-create it within an SAC model.

OK, just one last time. To learn more, why not check out the video?

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