Emily Jardine

Emily Jardine

Emily is a User Assistance Developer for SAP Analytics Cloud, based in Vancouver. Since joining SAP in 2011, she’s written documentation for a range of BI applications, and now works with development teams and UX designers to provide help content and copywriting support for the planning area.

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The Q4 2019 release of SAP Analytics Cloud is a big one for the planning area. Read on for a quick introduction to the top five new features for planning, or watch the video to let Joanna walk you through: 

5. New Advanced Formulas Functions

There’s several new functions to help you create simpler, faster, and more powerful data actions: 

  • The CARRYFORWARD function lets you carry a value forward from one period to the next, and then calculate the closing amount or the change in value. It’s most helpful when a lot of time periods are involved, because it runs a lot quicker than FOREACH functions that repeat the calculation in every period. 
  • The new time functions help you script complex human resources calculations. They include: 
    • DAY, MONTH, PERIOD, YEAR: Get the day, month, period, or year number from a date.  
    • DAYSINMONTHDAYSINYEAR: Get the number of days in a month or year to handle varying month and year lengths. 
    • DATERATIO: Compare the overlap between two time periods with the total length of one of the periods. For example, use it to create a monthly salary calculation that applies to all employees, whether they’re existing employees, new hires who started partway through the month, or departing employees. 

Click here to see these functions in action.

4. Integration between Calendar and Stories

This release makes it easier to work on stories linked to a Calendar task. Keep track of the task details with a new panel, and submit your work directly from the story, instead of navigating back to the Calendar first.

Have a look at the new Calendar features in the video!

3. Optimized Table

First, the table formatting gets an overhaul: bolded totals and distinct formatting for the headers of actuals, forecast, and plan versions.

Version management also gets faster with new menu options when you right-click a version header, including undoing and redoing changes; copying, publishing, and deleting versions: and opening the version history.

Last, permissions for data access control are available from the table when you add a new member on the fly.

Check out the new table features here to see how they work.

2. Export to SAP Integrated Business Planning

Integration between different planning systems is a key ingredient of collaborative enterprise planning. SAP IBP is a powerful real-time supply chain management tool, and previous releases of SAP Analytics Cloud support importing data from SAP IBP. But now you can also export data back to SAP IBP, too. This means you can fine tune the plan in SAP Analytics Cloud, and then check the changes in SAP IBP and adjust your supply chain and inventory as needed.

Click here to skip to this section of the video.

1. Integrated Financial Planning for SAP S/4 HANA Business Content

If you’re an admin looking to save some time setting up SAP Analytics Cloud content, the Content Network is worth a look. In particular, this release contains some important updates to the SAP S/4 HANA financial planning content.

The Integrated Financial Planning for SAP S/4 HANA package contains models that integrate with your financial planning data in SAP S/4 HANA, as well as data actions and allocation processes to help you carry out a complete cycle of planning tasks. And the data is clearly presented and organized in stories, so your team can jump in and get to work.

Take a look at the new content here. And for a detailed explanation of how to deploy it, see the content documentation.

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