Eric Fenollosa

Eric Fenollosa

Eric is the Head of Product Management of Augmented Analytics at SAP. With 20 years of experience in software development, he is recognized for his focus on organization efficiency, reliability, and the standards he is driving. His goal is to drive engagement and commitment of teams to deliver the best customer experience.

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Although SAP Analytics Cloud, our SaaS BI solution, is at the center of our Analytics strategy, we have recently reminded our commitment to include a future for our existing on premise BI customers in the Business Intelligence Statement of Direction.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 will deliver major innovations in three areas: Enterprise Readiness, User Experience and Hybrid.

A Commitment to Our BusinessObjects Customers

As we are planning to deliver BI 4.3 in Q2 2020, our standard maintenance policy automatically pushes the end of maintenance for the BusinessObjects Enterprise suite to at least 2027, which makes it the longest maintenance timeline among the industry.

The Best and Most Scalable Enterprise Reporting Solution

SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite is the best and most scalable enterprise reporting solution in the industry.

In BI 4.3, Enterprise Readiness is a major area of investment with the objectives to

  • comply with the highest security standards,
  • support the latest versions of operating systems, applications and data sources,
  • reduce TCO (installer improvements, better PaaS support, new scheduling and publishing framework).

Improved Productivity Through Enhanced User Experience

Another important area of investment in BI 4.3 is the User Experience as we believe it’s a great enabler for business users to leverage the power of BusinessObjects BI.

And as many of our customers are using both SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud, we have consciously aligned look and fells so that users easily find their way when switching across solutions.

The new Fiori BI Launchpad will offer a modernized user experience with 100% functionality and compatibility with existing content and authorizations.

For Web Intelligence, we have completely revisited the design experience and we will deliver a full HTML client, natively responsive and touch ready.

The new SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence data model will allow business users to leverage the semantic created by advanced users in existing reports.

The Cornerstone of Our Hybrid Analytics Strategy

Customers can already leverage live connectivity to Universes to benefit from their modeling and security built in BusinessObjects Enterprise while creating stories in SAP Analytics Cloud. This is one of the hybrid scenarios.

With BI 4.3, we’ll go one step beyond as SAP Analytics Cloud users will be able to build models directly on top of the Web Intelligence data model and by such leverage all the semantics available in reports.

Other hybrid features will include bulk content creation in SAP Analytics Hub and user replication and synchronization across on-premise and cloud.

More to Come

With the great innovations brought to our major enterprise reporting solution, we will write a new chapter of the BusinessObjects story, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

As announced at TechEd, BI 4.3 beta program will start in December. We’ll publish a series of article in the coming weeks to share all the details of the program, but you can right away contact us by emailing us at

Stay tuned.

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