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Transform your Enterprise with SAP Analytics Cloud

Thank you for choosing us.

Intelligent enterprises like yours use information to achieve insights and efficiency by enabling fast and confident decision making.

SAP Analytics Cloud is one simple cloud solution that connects your people, information, and ideas. It’s powered by artificial intelligence and is complete with SAP’s world-class compliance, security, and data protection practices.

So, whether you’re an existing SAP customer ready to take your business to the next level or you’re at the start of your digital transformation, you’re in the right place with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Thank you for choosing us and letting us be a part of your future success. I invite you to explore this Welcome Guide for useful information that will help you on your journey.

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Getting Started

Activation and Log In

Once you subscribe to SAP Analytics Cloud, you’ll receive a Welcome Email that will help you activate your tenant and log in to the system for the first time.

If you’re having trouble logging in, check out our Quick Answers for help, and check out this video for a step-by-step walkthrough.


Product Overview

Not sure where to start? Explore the basics of SAP Analytics Cloud, and watch the video for a product walkthrough.

Additionally, learn how to personalize your homescreen.

System Administration and Role Management

The individual who purchases SAP Analytics Cloud is automatically designated as the System Owner. However, the purchaser may not always be the right person to administer the system. You can easily transfer the System Owner role to the appropriate person in your organization. Learn how to transfer the System Owner role.

The administration area and most of its features can be accessed by all users with an Admin-level role. Get a brief overview of administrative functions, and learn about setting configurations in the administration area.

Learn how to set up your team with user management, and make sure they’re in the right roles with role management.


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Connections and Modeling

Introduction to Connections

Make your data work for you with data connections in SAP Analytics Cloud. Watch the video for an overview of how connections work. Unclear on the difference between a live and acquired connection? Check out the guide.

To get started setting up your connections, check out the data connection guide, and the help documentation.

Introduction to Modeling

Prepare your data for analysis with modeling through stories, or through the data modeler.

Learn more about preparing models through your story, or learn more about modeling in the data modeler.

For more advanced users, dive deeper with data preparation, geo enrichment hierarchies, and smart transformations with this video.

Getting Started with Formulas

Formulas are great ways to get even more out of your dataset. Explore how to work with formulas in the modeler, advanced formula editor, and in stories with this resource. 

Deep dive into formulas, and learn step by step how to enter formulas.

Learn more about calculated measures and formulas by watching this video. 


Getting Started with Stories

SAP Analytics Cloud uses your business information to help your whole organization make confident business decisions. Learn the basics here, with optional material to dive deeper into specific functions.

Stories Overview

Stories are where you visualize and analyze your data to derive insights. Learn the basic elements of stories and how they function.

Creating Your First Story

This resource will walk you through how to build your first story from a spreadsheet, to learn the basic story features check out this article.

Explore More with Stories

Discover more features within stories to take your stories to new heights. Explore the basics of augmented analytics in this resource, and get into more detail using the augmented analytics guided playlist.

Additionally, for an intensive hands-on learning experience check out the on-demand Data Discovery Workshop.

Here are some more story features you’ll love:


Collaborate with Your Team

Getting Started with Collaboration

Collaborate effectively by using SAP Analytics Cloud as your team’s single source of truth. Make use of discussion, commenting, and scheduling features to have in-context discussions all in one place.

Learn more about how to use the collaboration features in SAP Analytics Cloud.


Connecting with Mobile

Always stay connected with the iOS and Android Mobile applications. Discover the basics of how to get started with mobile.

For more information, check out the iOS video walkthrough, and check out more details on the Android app.

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Support and Advanced Topics

How to Get Support

Explore all the different ways to get support in this article, and choose the avenue and urgency level that best fits the issue you’re experiencing.



Experiencing errors? Try out these troubleshooting tips to get things running smoothly. Or, join the Community for access to lots of great tips and tricks on working in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Product Updates

SAP Analytics Cloud is always being updated and changing to serve our customers better. Bookmark the Product Updates and Plan page and subscribe to the email list to always be in the know.

Business Content Packages

Check out the Analytics Content Network to learn how you can accelerate go-live, build on best practices, and leverage your existing data with premade analytic dashboards, stories and more.

 Learn more about how to use Business Content Packages. 


Analytics Designer

Learn to create analytic applications in SAP Analytics Cloud with the Analytics Designer Guided Playlist.

Best Practices for Business Intelligence Performance

Learn some best practices and tips for designing and maintaining your stories to help keep things running smoothly.

Check out the guide.