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SAP Analytics Cloud for planning

Welcome to Your Enterprise Planning Solution

Make educated decisions and achieve success with SAP Analytics Cloud, your single source of truth for collaborative enterprise planning, data analysis and visualization.

We're thrilled you've chosen us. Learn the basics of your new solution through this guide, with optional links out to further learning materials for more exploration.

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Get Started

Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud for planning

Welcome to SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning! Learn the basics of your new software, with optional links for further learning.

Basics of Administration

Ready to bring others onboard? Discover user and role management as well as the fundamentals of administration.

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Connections Overview

Get a brief introduction to connections in SAP Analytics Cloud, as well as links to resources for more info.

Help Documentation Guides

Follow the most up to date step-by-step walkthroughs of how to set up connections in your tenant. Please note, not all connections are available in trial tenants.

Connections Guided Playlists

Follow simplified instructions on setting up connections in your tenant.



Discover the basics of modeling your data for use in visualizations, forecasts, and more.

Creating a Planning Model

You’ll need to create a planning model before taking advantage of many of the planning features in SAP Analytics Cloud. Learn various ways to create your first planning model, or jump right into creating a model with a .CSV file.

Currency Conversions

Follow video walkthroughs to set up currency conversions in your planning model.

Introduction to Smart Predict

Get ready to make forecasting easier, and more accurate. Learn the basics of predictive scenarios and automatic forecasting.


Collaboration and Visualization

Stories Overview

Discover the basic features of SAP Analytics Cloud’s data visualization tool: stories. Get started by creating your story, and exploring features like linked analysis, hierarchies, geo-maps and more.

Take advantage of planning within your story using varied data entry, and what-if analysis features.

Getting started with Collaboration

Get an overview of the collaboration features in SAP Analytics Cloud. From calendars to commenting, there are lots to explore!

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Support and More

Getting Support

Explore the different avenues for getting support for different kinds of issues and urgency levels.


Dealing with errors? Try out some of these troubleshooting tips to get things back running smoothly.

Try it out with the Test Dataset

Take your learning to the next level with the test operating income dataset. Use it to try out modeling, story building, forecasting and more yourself!

Learn More

Check out the Planning Guided Playlists to discover more topics for further learning. These cover features in more depth, as well as give how-to’s on numerous planning activities.

Additionally, the help documentation provides specific information on all planning features. If you know what you’re looking for, it’s a great place to dig deeper.